Health and safety protocol – COVID-19

We at hotel Peristil are keeping up to date with the global pandemic development in the world. We are following guidelines from Croatian Institute for Public Health, Croatian Ministry of Health, the Civil Protection Authority as well as recommendations of World Health Organisation in order to prevent spreading of the disease. The recommendations and measures are updated daily and these are measures currently in effect. We introduced these new procedures in order to protect you during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Employees are trained regularly on new standard procedures regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocol. Every member of staff must comply with protective measures recommended by Croatian Institute for Public Health and other health organisations.
The measures include hand hygiene, wearing gloves and masks if needed and social distancing. If anyone from employees or members of their household feel unwell and have COVID-19 symptoms they will be asked to stay at home.
Upon your arrival to hotel you will be introduced to new health and safety measures with information about COVID-19 displayed after entering the hotel.
Hand sanitizer will be available at our hotel lobby so you can sanitize your hands after you enter and before you leave the hotel.
We make sure to practice social distancing in the hotel and encourage the guests to practice social distancing in our hotel. Our employees are keeping the distance whenever possible by standing at least 2 m or 6 ft away from people.
The hotel entrances are monitored at all times and any guests requiring medical assistance will immediately assisted. For any medical support required we will provide it in accordance with government regulations.


The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing at the hotel is increased and we make sure we clean and disinfect all public spaces and deep clean frequent contact surfaces such as front desk counter, bell desk, door handles, room keys, stair handrails, dining surfaces, seating areas and restaurant toilets. All common hotel areas are ventilated several times a day.
When cleaning guest rooms we clean whole room with special attention to frequently touch item. All bed linen and laundry are changed and washed at the highest possible temperature. We also are making sure to air the rooms.
Cleaning products used in our hotel are in accordance with guidelines for approved effective use against viruses and bacteria.
We also make sure to change the rooms used so there is at least 24 between the guests staying the room and new guests checking-in.


We will try to minimise the physical contact with the guests who have sanitizer in the hotel lobby right next to the front desk. The check in procedure is simplified to ensure guests can go to their room as soon as possible. We also have option of web check in.
The keys are disinfected right before handing them to guests and after guests check out. The guests can keep the key during their stay.
Our card machines accept contactless payment and all major credit and debit cards are accepted. We can issue pro forma invoices to all of our guests in order they can pay prior to their stay.


Our hotel restaurant will follow all social distancing measures and comply with occupancy limits. The restaurant area will be deep cleaned and sanitized frequently and after each use, including tables, seating, menus and card machines.
The restaurant staff is following safety and health protocols in handling the food and drink and ensure maximum level of hygiene and service.
The restaurant area is constantly aired but we have our restaurant terrace which we encourage our guests to use.
The breakfast was always served as a la carte breakfast after guests order from the waiter and we will keep it that way.

We are happy to welcome all of our guests in hearth of Split no matter changed circumstances. We are here to make you feel like staying at home and create memories to take back with you.

Hotel Peristil Staff



Updated on 11th May